Providing a range of co-curricular opportunities is important to us because we value each child’s individual skills and interests, and we want to give every opportunity for students to grow and further their potential.

Mount St Joseph Catholic College Milperra has a rich and diverse co-curricular program to allow students to pursue areas of passion and interest. Whether it is in competitive sports, creative and performing arts or youth ministry and social justice, there’s something to inspire every individual.


Performing Arts

  • Dance performance and inter-school competition.
  • Dramatic productions and musicals.
  • Choir, instrumental and vocal tuition, and various instrumental ensembles.

Special Interest

  • Book, culture clubs and environmental action groups.
  • Sister Irene McCormack Society, Crossroads and Night Patrol.
  • Debating and public speaking.
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Beyond The Classroom

  • Work placements in businesses, commercial kitchens, sound and lighting design and entertainment venues.
  • Leadership opportunities including SRC, student-­run school events and inter­school leadership conferences.
  • Social justice opportunities including the Sister Irene McCormack Society, Crossroads and Night Patrol.