A unique Sydney Catholic Schools support structure is in place to optimise learning for all students. High-quality inclusive education is provided for students with diverse learning profiles relating to: giftedness, speech, language, communication, vision, hearing, literacy acquisition and post-school pathways. Central office diverse learning teams work with our classroom teachers to enhance their capacity to maximise learning outcomes for students. Specialists in these teams collaborate widely to consolidate an inclusive approach to learning. Each school also has dedicated learning support staff.

Sydney Catholic Schools provides reasonable adjustments to assist and support students with disability to successfully engage in learning. All Sydney Catholic Schools engage in the annual Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for School Students with Disability. Students with moderate intellectual disabilities and complex developmental needs may benefit from the educational program at Eileen O’Connor Catholic College Lewisham or our Specialist Support Classes located onsite at Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School, Hoxton Park and Good Samaritan Catholic College, Hinchinbrook.


Newman Selective Gifted Education Program

Exclusive to Sydney Catholic Schools, the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program provides a clear educational pathway, underpinned by contemporary research, for identified gifted and talented students from Kindergarten to Year 12. The Newman Selective Gifted Education Program provides gifted learners with an authentically rigorous program of learning within the nurturing environment of their Catholic school. It caters to a variety of gifted learners by offering a range of opportunities that support students’ growth as a whole person, including their social and emotional learning and wellbeing.

Teachers experience high-quality professional learning in gifted education that allows them to engage in best practices to enhance the teaching and learning in their schools.

As a Newman Selective Stream School, our gifted students are clustered together in Newman classes so that they may benefit from the challenge posed by like-minded peers. The strengths, interests and goals of each gifted student are acknowledged and our teaching staff work to ensure that through a variety of differentiated activities students are able to work to their personal potential.

In addition, enrichment opportunities are offered throughout the year to further extend students’ skills outside of the classroom. These include, but are not limited to, debating and public speaking; computer coding workshops; inter-school mathematics, science and engineering challenges; musical and drama productions; art competitions; and creative writing workshops and competitions.

Every year, Newman students are given the opportunity to use their skills and interests in different areas of learning to work on a project that is showcased at our annual Symposium. In 2020, our theme is “Curiosity and Change” and you can view our Virtual Symposium here.

Specific Learning Support

Through expert support and resources from Sydney Catholic Schools, we collaborate and deliver personalised plans for students who have cognitive or developmental disorders, sensory disability, autism, physical disability, and speech, language and communication disorders. These plans focus on specific educational goals and adjustments related to areas such as curriculum, communication and social skills.

To support all girls to develop to their full potential, a variety of learning services exist. One of these is the Judith Rawson Learning Centre (affectionately known as Joe’s Place) which provides learning support, counselling services, pastoral support and careers advice in an environment which engages families and empowers students to take charge of their learning.

Students learning English for the first time are supported by dedicated staff within our school, staff from the Sydney Catholic Schools offices, and programs for new arrivals.

Our EAL/D expert works collaboratively with teachers across the curriculum to ensure effective identification and learning strategies are employed.

We are committed to working in partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families to ensure students obtain a high-quality education as a platform for achieving their full potential.